Krys Perez Screws Kyler Moss



The sexual Krys Perez does his first scene for BoyCrush with his gay porn idol, Kyler Moss. In a fucking hot video featuring Krys giving Kyler what he desires the most! A good hard ass fucking finish off with a creamy facial!

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Kyler Moss Fucked By Robbie Anthony Bareback



Naughty Kyler Moss needs his tight boy ass spanked sometimes and he fucking loved it. This dirty boy gets off on a little kink, and Robbie Anthony knows just how to treat naughty Kyler Moss by abusing him and then fucking his tight little ass in this video. Kyler moans like a little slut with this big dick up his hole and Robbie loves every minute of pounding on his little ass!

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Kyler Moss In His Andy Kays Try-Out

Kyler Moss in his Andy Kay Try-Out Scene

Kyler Moss in his Andy Kay Try-Out Scene

In true BoyCrush style Kyler Moss get’s the Andy Kay treatment in the form of an Andy Kay Try-out scene.

Andy Kay is a true veteran of BoyCrush. I couldn’t even count the years he has been a model at BoyCrush, but hey he still holds his looks and is a damn hot top, fucking Kyler Moss hard and fast.

Andy spanks Kylers little ass before moving onto fucking Kyler Moss in many different positions making him scream for more, harder, faster. After screwing Kylers little brain out Andy covers Kyler’s face with a thick load of his yummy boy cum! What a hot video!

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Kyler Moss abused by Roxy Red and Preston Andrews Bareback

Kyler Moss Preston Andrews Roxy Red

Kyler Moss, Preston Andrews and Roxy Red

Another hot gay porn scene with the beautiful Kyler Moss, and my word two of my favourite other twink porn stars are in it to! Roxy Red and Preston Andrews are, for very good reason well known and loved gay porn stars and it would be no lie to say even I have a crush on Roxy Red. I guess it’s called BoyCrush for good reason after all.

Just as Kyle Moss loves, this is a BDSM scene so I am sure he enjoyed it a hell of a lot. It certainly looked like he did when I watched the full scene in the BoyCrush member’s area.

Check out this preview video. Remember to see the full scene you need to visit BoyCrush! 

The scene starts with Roxy Red whipping Kyler Moss on the bare ass with a paddle and other kinky toys, making him all horny, teasing him with his naughty ways. Before long Preston Andrews gets home, and we all know this is when the fun begins. After all, Preston does have that massive 10 inch cut dick to make boys scream with. Preston Andrews is one monster between the sheets, and it’s so true here. He fucks Kyler bareback in his tight little boy hole, before moving on to fucking Roxy Red to! Then to make things even hotter, Preston makes Kyler Moss fuck Roxy Red. The scene ends with the 3 sexy twinks cumming all over each other. Damn this is one intense gay porn video, and hot as hell!

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Kyler Moss First Ever Porn Video

kyler moss in his first porn video

Kyler Moss In His First Porn Video

So gay twink porn has a new star and it’s all thanks to the legend that is BoyCrush. In his first even porn scene, here is Kyler Moss.

Kyler is 18, found BoyCrush online while surfing porn which he loves. It goes without saying that the 15 minute interview at the start of his debut video here was amazing. Kyler comes across as one fun, sexy young man! He is a really horny guy, masturbating 5 times a day or more. He Loves electronica, electro house and dance music and boy I bed he dances sexy. If he could live anywhere he would want to live in India or the UK. If he does leave America I for one hope he comes to the UK, as that’s where I am. He was a very gay kid, and used to wear cowboy boots like they were high heals and found out he was gay at Christian summer camp when he was 13 by doing something with another boy. He came out when his mum caught him having sex with a boy. The first time Kyler Moss had sex he was a freshman in high school and had sex with a guy called buddy. They got drunk and fucked in a restroom. Kyler was 15 and buddy was 18 and was an emo guy with piercings and a big cock. He likes to be taken care off and goes for guys with money so they can look after him. His dream guy would have a big cock and a big wallet. Generally Kyle is passive in bed and in a relationship but if he wants he can be the dominant one. He likes to fuck guys who are a lot taller than him. He does like other twinks, and not really into jocks or older guys.

Kyler Moss loves to be tied up and bondage, and is even into erotic asphyxiation. Some guy tried it out on him and he is now hooked on it. He likes really rough sex, being chocked and loves rape fantasy in the bedroom. If he could choose how often he could have sex he would be having sex every 30 minutes! Sex is his hobby clearly.
He struggles to find a boyfriend who can keep up with his sex drive, but he does want a boyfriend. He’s had sex with 23 guys, which is pretty impressive for a boy of just 18 years old. He even keeps a little black book and rates the guys he has sex with. Kyler loves getting spanked. Hair pulling, biting or anything kinky turns him on. He loves getting cum on his face and in his mouth. Sucking dick and swallowing cum are huge turn-ons for him. His biggest turn on is when a guy totally controls and dominates him. He fantasises about being involved in a big BDSM session or a threesome in a hot tub with strawberries and champagne.

Check out this hot preview video of his interview debut. Remember to go sign up at BoyCrush to see the whole scene.

Can’t wait for more videos of Kyler Moss. I think this boy will become somewhat of a legend in Gay Porn.

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